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3 Reasons Kitchen Cabinets Refacing Is a Better Choice Than Refinishing

May 6, 2016 No Comments Categories: News & Updates
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When homeowners think about renovating their kitchen, they often see BIG dollar signs and assume a new kitchen is out of their reach. They’re not quite sure what to do. If this sounds like you, then Millmasters has the perfect solution. They have been refacing kitchens for 16 years and are the experts at changing ordinary tract style kitchen cabinets into high end looking and more functional working cabinetry.

What are the reasons for refacing by Millmasters (Winchester, CA), instead of a simple refinish or a complete renovation, you might ask?


That’s simple. With refinishing, you get a low price but you don’t really get anything new. Only a change of color sprayed over your old cabinets. It’s like bandaging a broken leg. It looks good for a while, but soon you will begin to see the same old problems of broken doors, broken drawers, ugly old style grain and eventually the refinish begins to peel up. This leaves you right back where you started, only a few thousand dollars poorer because now you have to do the job over.


With a kitchen renovation, it can run into the 10’s of thousands of dollars. New cabinets, new counters, flooring, plumbing, electrical, permits. The list goes on and on. Plus, the average remodel can take months. Do you want to be without your kitchen for 2-3 months? I didn’t think so.


With refacing by Millmasters, you get all new exterior cabinet parts without having to gut the kitchen. Most cabinet interiors are in pretty good shape vs the outside. This allows refacing companies like Millmasters to use the old interior as a foundation for new exteriors. You get new doors and drawers in a style and color of your choosing. Refaces should also include soft close hinges and drawer slides, new end panels, larger crown molding and trim. And, in most cases Millmasters can have your kitchen install completed in just 3 days!


But beware! Not all refacing companies are the same! Some companies only cover over your old cabinet boxes with a sticker to match the new doors. Not only is this poor quality and will peel up in 5-7 years, but it looks tacky because when you open your cabinet doors there is still the old cabinet wood and color on the frames. No thank you!
With Millmasters refacing, we refuse to use stickers! Instead, we remove your old frames and build complete new ones. This not only gives you a high quality product, but also allows the flexibility to reconfigure doors and drawers, thus gaining a better organizational layout and tighter door gap. When the frames are built, Millmasters will finish them in the same color as your new doors and moldings. Finally, they will install them onto your cabinets and voila! You have a brand new looking kitchen that will last 20+ years. They don’t even have to remove your existing counter top to do the work, (unless you want them to).

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