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Product for kitchen remodeling

Product for kitchen remodeling
November 17, 2015 No Comments Categories: Kitchen Remodel
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In the past, refacing a kitchen meant getting new doors, in a new color, and then having to sand down and re-stain your old cabinetry exteriors to match. This meant extended installation time, loads of sanding dust in your house, toxic chemical stripper and finishing fumes, and poor quality of the overall finished product. No more! Today, quality refacing has been refined tremendously. (keep in mind all refacing companies are NOT alike!) With the advent of high performance wood veneers and pressure fused laminates, your old cabinetry is encased with finished material that exactly matches the new doors and moldings. The material is all the same and the color is applied to all parts of your job at the factory before arriving at your home. This gives you a consistent color and quality that far outperforms cheaply made home improvement store cabinets or the old sand and stain method.
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